Friday, December 2, 2011

BBQ Chicken Pizza - The Way I Like It!

This isn't your run of the mill BBQ chicken pizza.  It is oh so much better!  And it really is all about the ingredients.  Not just pizza sauce and BBQ sauce from a jar - oh no!  I use my own roasted tomato sauce mixed with some Sweet Baby Ray's original.  And the crust, it's all about the crust.  I use Portland Pie Co. crust, either the garlic or the beer.  YUM.

What you are going to need to make the BEST BBQ Chicken Pizza EVER:

1 ball of Portland Pie Co crust (defrosted)
1/2 cup or more home made roasted tomato sauce (I roast the tomatoes in the oven, skins on, with olive oil salt and pepper until they basically melt onto the baking sheet - be sure to line it with foil!)
Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ sauce
red onion (sliced)
pickled jalapenos (chopped)
2 chicken breasts (grilled or baked) sliced
shredded mozzarella

Get your oven HOT HOT HOT.  475.  Or what ever it says on pizza crust packaging.  Cover your baking sheet with plenty of cornmeal - you don't want that crust to stick!  Stretch out your dough and then put it on the baking sheet, or if you are lucky on the pizza stone, it may shrink back so just stretch it again as you go.  

In a bowl mix your tomato sauce with as much BBQ sauce as you want - give it a taste - and add more of which ever flavor you savor.  Spread it onto the crust.  Start layering your sliced chicken, onions and jalapenos.  I like a lot of onions and jalapenos and I like to make sure that they are evenly covering the pizza - so I don't hit a jalapeno land mine when I am scarfing down pizza at 7 am on the way to school.  Next layer - cilantro - unless you are George and cilantro is your worst enemy.  If cilantro is your friend pile it on.  If you are George, or someone like George, avoid it.  Avoid it like the plague.  Final layer.  CHEESE.  Do it up.  Pile that cheese right on.  

The into the oven for about 15 minutes until the cheese is bubbly and brown and you are so starving that you have your plate already waiting by the side of the cutting board.  Be patient.  You have to wait another 5 minutes or so because who wants to ruin their awesome pizza dinner by burning the heck out of their mouth on the first bite?  Not me.  I will wait.  And I will stare at it.  And then when I can't wait anymore I will slice and dice and load up my plate.  And then I will probably come back for seconds. 

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