Saturday, January 7, 2012

Curried Red Lentil Soup...

Yah.  About that.  I know I promised you a recipe for curried red lentil soup.  But let me explain what happened.  I made it.  Good start there.  And then I ate it.  Also good.  Always important to eat what you have made.  And then my Mum came over for lunch, we were eating something else, but she could smell the spices from the soup.  And she LOVES that soup.  So being the FABULOUS daughter that I am I gave her a big container of it to take home.  And then I needed lunch for work this week.  So I ate the two servings that were left.  And then I realized I never took a picture of it to share with you.  So I apologize.  And I apologize again cause that soup is just so tasty.  But I will be making it again.  Probably sooner rather than later.  And I pinkie swear that I will take a picture of it so I can share it with you!

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